- Dig­i­tal time cap­sules for our gen­er­a­tion and the gen­er­a­tions to come. -


The elec­tronic media we have grown to know and love has become so pow­er­ful, so cap­ti­vat­ing, and so mon­u­men­tal at times that they have held the influ­ence to per­suade the opin­ions of their audi­ence, seize emo­tions, dis­cover moments that usu­ally go unseen, and pro­vide insight into the lives of others.…even when they aren’t welcome.


Never before have these forms of image cap­tur­ing had such an impact on soci­ety as they do now.


In an era where video, film, pho­tographs, web­sites, paint­ings, and other artis­tic expres­sions have become the cen­ter of con­tro­versy more often than not, these images and the per­spec­tives cho­sen by those that cre­ate and view them pos­sess the abil­ity to develop into pow­er­ful weapons dri­ven by per­sonal and polit­i­cal view­points. For bet­ter or for worse.


How­ever they have also been used to instill hap­pi­ness in indi­vid­u­als, ful­fill hopes and dreams of aspir­ing artists, sup­ply enter­tain­ment to view­ers across the world, and pro­vide trans­parency into the inner-workings of the many atmos­pheres where a num­ber of indi­vid­u­als can­not usu­ally phys­i­cally access.


Here at the State­liner Eye we wish to pro­vide you, the viewer, with the capa­bil­ity to wit­ness many dif­fer­ent forms of media, includ­ing the Town Coun­cil Meetings.


These Town Coun­cil Meet­ings are recorded by town res­i­dent, Blaine Fehley for pub­lic access.


These videos will allow those in the Town of Phillips­burg and beyond to wit­ness the pro­ceed­ings and form their own opin­ion of our Town’s Gov­ern­ment. I am hope­ful that by air­ing these videos to the pub­lic it will encour­age oth­ers to attend the meet­ings and become more involved in our Town’s Future.


Now of course.…Mr. Fehley’s videos aren’t the only videos worth watch­ing here at “The Eye” so we have also pro­vided many pro­mo­tional and enter­tain­ing videos and pic­tures for the Town of Phillips­burg shot by indi­vid­u­als in and beyond our Town’s boundaries.


We also would like to extend our hands to you and request that you send or upload your very own pic­tures or videos for all to see.


The Gar­net and Gray should be seen by all.…We live in a great town filled with excel­lent people.….Let’s show it off!

 Five Circle Productions | Copyright 2017