Phillips­burg Pride was once again on dis­play Sep­tem­ber 10th, 2012 when renowned Chef, Gor­don Ram­say, seized the hand of Phillips­burg native, Christina Wil­son, raised it high in the air in front of the entire nation, and declared her the Sea­son 10 Vic­tor of Fox Television’s real­ity hit, Hell’s Kitchen.

Throughout the entire series Christina was poised as a truly modest individual who worked well under pressure, maintained an appropriate optimistic attitude, and kept her emotions under control as anyone would come to expect from a true champion.


She never wavered, remained focused at all times and stayed true to herself and her convictions since the show's beginning and proved, in true Stateliner fashion, that being a hard worker really pays off.


During the television shows run, Christina returned home to Phillipsburg, New Jersey for a viewing party held in her alma mater's auditorium where she signed autographs, took photographs with her fans, and made sure that everyone in attendance was aware that she was proud of where she came from.


Christina was born and raised in Phillipsburg where she accomplished many feats both academically and athletically. She was an exceptional basketball, field hockey, and softball player and left nothing behind on the field. Her physical and intellectual abilities led her to receive a collegiate academic scholarship where she would further her education and eventually follow her passion in the culinary arts.


I remember Christina as being young vibrant individual with a huge heart and always willing "to go the extra mile" to accomplish her goals. She was an absolute joy to be around and, while watching her on television all these years later, we can see that nothing has changed.


She is still everything she was back then and even more so now...


Christina Wilson has proved many things to those of us in Phillipsburg but none more so than how hard work, determination, and a robust display of leadership paved the way to success for this Stateliner.


Her achievements, her behavior and actions, and her true dedication to something she loves so much should be lessons taught to all of our children here in the Town of Phillipsburg. You truly can do anything when you put your mind to it....and you should never let anything or anyone hold you back.


The truth is that winning or losing never really mattered because Christina Wilson was Phillipsburg's Champion since episode 1.


She didn't need to be crowned the victor for us to witness her Phillipsburg Pride on display. And for that, and that alone....we are so very proud of her and want to see her succeed in all that she does. And there is no doubt in our minds that this bright-shining individual from the Town of Phillipsburg, who beholds an enormous compassionate heart and a steadfast possession of dedication and determination, will conquer whatever and whoever she desires to next.


An entire town stands behind her as everyone who is truly proud of the garnet and gray should...


An athletic Stateliner Standout in High School, a talented hard-working chef in Philadelphia, and now the Head Chef of Gordon Ramsay Steak in Paris, Las Vegas....Christina Wilson has provided the Town of Phillispburg with yet another positive role model that has proven hard work and determination truly pays off.


This Stateliner Spotlight is well deserved.


Congratulations Christina!



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