My name is Robert Fulper.


I’m a 38 year old lifelong resident of Phillipsburg, NJ (subtract 4 months of living in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania until I finally came back to my senses and realized where I truly belonged).


I’m happily married to my lovely wife Melyssa,whom I share four wonderfully gifted and equally as beautiful children with: Jaxxon (age 14), Giovanna (age 12), Gemma (age 9) and Vincenzo (age 7).


I’m an IT Engineer, a Graphic Artist, and a Web Designer and I enjoy volunteering in my community in hopes of inspiring my children and friends to do the same.


This was an interesting section for me because the Stateliner Eye is not just about me....It's about you. It's about our families and our children. It's about our neighbors and those in this town we pass by on a daily basis. It's about those individuals, organizations, and local agencies that devote their free time and make contributions of all kinds to ensure Phillipsburg's affluence.


It's about restoring Phillipsburg's Legacy and maintaining our sense of Phillipsburg Pride.




Stateliner Eye Founder, Robert Fulper

The Town of Phillipsburg is made up of many great citizens with their own niche for making this town special. It's a proud diversified environment filled with many kind-hearted, genuine individuals from all types of cultural backgrounds and ways of life. Though we can never agree on everything that happens within the boundaries of this great town...We can agree on one...Phillipsburg, New Jersey must come together, embrace the positive, assist each other when in need, do away with the negative and join together in an effort to clean up this Town where it's needed.


We have the future in our hands and we, as a group, have the power to ensure that our children, and their children, grow up in a safe and positive atmosphere as it was when we were young.


The Stateliner Eye was created for you....The Phillipsburg Resident. It's as much yours as it is mine....Now it's what we do with it from here that really counts.


Phillipsburg has given birth to many great people and it has accepted just as many over time. People move here with a better life in mind and we should give them just that.


The garnet and gray should spread like wildfire and we should all take pride in our town. We should encourage progress and band together to enhance our quality of life.


The Stateliner Eye is here to stay. The possibilities are endless and I invite all of you to join this effort, add your content, spread the word and make the Stateliner Eye just as much yours as it is mine.


I appreciate you all taking the time to check out "The Eye" and am hopeful you will return more often.

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